In 1999 GeoRad Consultants was founded to provide geophysical services to farmers, junior exploration companies and engineers in Africa. The founder, Riaan Mouton was also involved in radiation safety and expanded to provide an integrated geophysical and radiation safety services solution. Today, Applied Scientific Services and Technology brings the same scientific expertise as well as a range of technologies to the Australian and international market with a commitment to scientific excellence. The integrated services and products offered on this site stem from the commitment and efforts of ASST and its associates to provide clients with the best possible products, services and solutions. Our technologies, services and solutions enable customers to gain access to information that can enhance knowledge, increase efficiency and productivity as well as creating safer working environments.

Unencumbered by the confines of traditional service provision companies, ASST and its associates focus on teamwork and knowledge sharing from relevant domain experts with a common commitment to work with our customers to create and add value at every level of their business. We are determined to provide the best possible services and technologies to clients, governed by an overriding commitment to safety and environmental sustainability. We build our reputation for experience, quality and reliability backed by an overarching commitment to integrity and fair dealing; values that are vitally important to earn and retain the trust of our clients.

Applied Scientific Services and Technology is a trustworthy and ethical service provider that delivers results solely in the pursuit of meeting our clients’ requirements and objectives.  We promise to deliver the highest possible level of service, backed with a commitment to scientific excellence. We strive to maintain and better our knowledge, domain expertise, and service quality in order to gain client confidence.

We are committed to develop and extend our products, services and capabilities as a provider of preferred brand technologies and innovations that will optimise business performance for customers in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Our brand is synonymous with our growing reputation as a trusted service provider.  The quality, reliability and durability of our products give our clients the confidence to use and rely upon our technologies in mission critical applications.

Today, after over a decade of continual growth, ASST encompasses offices in three countries and prides itself on providing timely and cost effective geophysical solutions backed by a united body of consultants and associates with decades of technical experience between them.