overview of products

Applied Scientific Services and Technology aims to provide innovative scientific solutions and leading edge technologies at cost-effective rates to it's clients throughout any stage of their project's life-cycle. With the support of professionals and companies with complementing services and objectives, ASST provides versatile and competetive solutions for safety and mine operational efficency boosting products.


Applied Scientific Services and Technology is proud to offer a range of technologies of which complement our core areas of business. In particular, through our partner company V&S Mining Supplies, we can provide our clients with a range of safety and efficiency boosting products based around lighting and signalling systems. We strive to give our clients the opportunity to customise our technologies to fit their specific needs. Our range of LED spotlights, anti-collision and control systems are affordable, high quality and low maintenance products, developed specifically for operating in harsh underground and open-pit mining conditions. Advantages include:

- Solid state semi conductor technology
- Long life - up to 100,000 hours
- Energy efficient - low current and low voltage options available
- Robust design - resistant to shock & vibration, mechanical and thermal stress
- Safe operation - low voltage minimises fire risk
- Qualifies for UL Certification


Appllo White LED Loco Head Light 24V: Part Number A24LNE



Appllo White LED Loco Head Light 110V: Part Number A110LNE



Appllo White LED Loco Head Light 24V: Part Number A24LRH Specs A24LRH click here to download more info



Appllo White LED Loco Head Light 110V: Part Number A110LRH



Appllo White LED Loco Head Light replacement 24V: Part Number A24LG



Appllo White LED Loco Head Light replacement 110V: Part Number A110LG



MGM White LED Cab Light 24V: Part Number: WC24



MGM Red LED Cab Light 24V: Part Number: RC24



Appollo New Guard Lanp: Part Number: AGB



Appollo I LED Portable Hopper Lamp. Contact ASST for further details



Appollo III LED Hand Held Inspection Light. Contact ASST for further details




In addition to the robust energy efficient lighting systems available through our partners V & S Mining Supplies, we can also provide our clients with a range winch control systems developed specifically for operating in harsh underground and open-pit mining conditions. Advantages include:

- Two way communications between driver and winch crew
- Emergency isolation trip-out to winch
- Optional restricted access key-lock control
- Visual and audible indication for signalling
- Real time winch status indication for all personnel in work site
- Diagnostic fault detection
- Failsafe operation with key

Khuluma Kanjaan Signal Unit: Part Number KK-32-SSB-MD



Khuluma Kanjaan Main Control Unit: Part Number KK-32-SCB-P-B7P



Khuluma Kanjaan Pull Assembly Cable: Part Number KK-32-PCA-G



Khuluma Kanjaan Multi-tone Banshee Siren: Part Number RMB-24R



Khuluma Kanjaan Multi-tone Banshee Siren: Part Number RMB-24W



Khuluma Kanjaan Multi-tone Banshee Siren: Part Number RMB-24G



MGM Red LED Bezel Light 24V: Part Number: R24F




Applied Scientific Services and Technology understand that in some circumstances it may be more cost effective for the client to own and operate their own geophysical equipment rather than use geophysical contractors. With this in mind, ASST offer consulting services based on the extensive experience our skilled personnel have gained in operating surveys using the full spectrum of geophysical instrumentation and equipment to resolve targets in all conceivable environmental conditions.
Clients using this service will receive well informed objective advice and training in the purchase, operation and maitnenance of their own geophysical equipment. ASST will guide you through the process of:

  • understanding which techniques will be the most effective at resolving your target and answering your questions
  • which equipment manufacturer and which instrument will be the most cost effective solution, given the operating conditions and type of target
  • obtaining competetive quotes from manufacturers and retailers
  • arranging shipping, import duties and any necessary import and export licenses
  • comissioning and calibrating the new equipment
  • providing expert training in the operation and maintenance of the instrument
  • securing providers of spare parts
  • securing reliable on-demand backup hire equipment of the same specification in the event of unexpected failures in time critical situations

ASST, in partnership with its associates have significant experince in eletrical and electromechanical engineering. We are able to design, test and manufacture bespoke equipment, either integrating systems and modifying sensors developed by well established geophysical equipment manufacturers, or developing new equipment from the ground up. ASST in particular has significant experience in and around radiation physics and associated spectrometry, counters and detection systems.



Applied Scientific Services and Technology provides a broad range of radiation consulting services to mining, mineral processing and other industries, government, public and community organisations in the areas of radiation protection, occupational hygiene and environmental management.

A key area of these sevices is provision of practical and cost effective advice on the management of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) associated with the following industries:

  • Uranium and thorium ores exploration, mining and processing
  • Titanium and zirconium minerals (mineral sands) mining and processing
  • Transport of bulk commodities including international shipments
  • Oil and gas exploration and production
  • Mining and processing of metals (copper, tin, aluminium, niobium, tantalum)
  • Coal mining and electricity generation
  • Iron and steel production
  • Water treatment and geothermal energy generation
  • Phosphate industry
  • Scrap metal recycling

ASST provides practical help and solutions to problems relating to:

  • Transport and trade in commodities containing NORM
  • Development of regulations, guidelines, policies, procedures and radiation management plans
  • Statutory compliance – auditing and advice
  • Environmental impact assessments and risk assessments in different areas of occupational hygiene
  • Design and audit of radiation management systems and monitoring programs
  • Contaminated land investigations
  • Waste management and supervision of remediation projects
  • Determination of pathways of radiation exposure in specific situations – both for the environment and for workers and the public
  • Modelling of potential radiation exposures
  • Compliance testing of industrial radiation gauges
  • Noise measurements and management

We also services in the field of environment, workplace and personal monitoring and assessment of:

  • Airborne dust, in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3640:2004
  • Alpha-activity concentrations in airborne dust, using Canberra alpha spectrometers (model 7401)
  • Particle size analysis of airborne dust (Activity Median Aerodynamic Diameter – AMAD), using a personal cascade impactor
  • Concentrations of radon (Rn-222) and thoron (Rn-220) in the atmosphere
  • Gamma radiation levels, using Radiation Alert Inspector area monitor together with Garmin Global Positioning System receiver (model GPS60) and Canary II (model 4080) personal electronic dosimeters
  • Surface contamination measurements
  • Field gamma spectrometry and identification of individual radionuclides, particularly in cases of monitoring cargo in ports and at border crossings, using Exploranium GR-135-Plus ‘Identifier' instrument

All equipment used to carry out these services is modern and maintained in accordance with manufacturer specifications, and calibrated as required by relevant regulations and guidelines. Close liaison with quality assured analytical laboratories also allows a comprehensive service to be provided in the following areas:

  • Determination of concentrations of radionuclides in water, soil, dust, building materials, food, flora and fauna
  • Personal gamma radiation and radon monitoring
  • Analysis of workplace and environmental samples for different contaminants such as asbestos, welding fumes and different chemicals