RENTAL of products

Applied Scientific Services and Technology has a wide range of Geophysical equipment for rental. With equipment based in both Africa and Australia ASST is able to offer competitive rates on well maintained equipment. To ensure that equipment is operated correctly and according to local safety legislation ASST equipment rentals come with a qualified and (where applicable) nationally certified operator (see below).

Due to the high power nature of certain geophysical equipment some states and countries have local legislation that prevents operation of equipment either entirely or without prior certification and licensing of the company, equipment, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) and personnel. Where required, ASST will ensure equipment has conformed with local certification, however, certification is often tied to the company, equipment and qualified employee. As a result ASST is often required to rent equipment with a qualified operator and operate under our own certified SOP to ensure the safety of the rental party. The rental party will be required to operate under and comply with this SOP which may include specific Personal Protective Equipment usage (e.g. Hearing protection around acoustic sources and using electrically isolating gloves when operating electrical sources).



Equipment for Rent

5 × 24 channel Geometrics Geodes
3 × Seismic Land Streamers and geophones
2 × 3 – component downhole seismic logging system
2 × PEG 40 Accelerated Weight Drop
3 × ABEM Terrameter LS 12 channel ERI system with 3 m, 5 m, 10 m and 20 m cables
2 × ABEM SAS 100
4 × Shallow EM systems (including EM31, EM34 and CMD - 4)
2× Scintrex CG5 gravity metres
4× Borehole Radar systems (Geomole system)
1× Mala 50 MHz RTA
1× Mala 250 MHz shielded antenna
1× Mala ProEx control unit
1× Mala XVII Monitor
1× Mala RTA backpack and encoder wheel
1x Quad bike